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Why Choose CashCity ATM?

No Setup Fees!

We have the lowest ATM setup charge in the industry, FREE.

24/7 Monitoring

Your ATM is monitored all day, everyday.
If your ATM is out of money, receipt paper, or just not working, we know it. We can then contact you to fix the problem or dispatch repair personnel.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to doing business.

Daily Settlements

Your account is settled daily. Every transaction that happens by 9:00pm EST, will be settled directly to your designated bank account by Electronic Funds Transfer, delivering the money into your account the next business day.

* Except weekends and holidays, where the funds are settled the next banking day.

Complete Services

We provide a complete ATM program, which includes hardware, software, transaction processing, ATM maintenance, customer service, balancing services, reporting, as well as training.

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Experienced Leaders

The principals of the company have a combined 50 years of experience of retail and business experience. Every key functional position is filled by a qualified individual who has completed rigorous training and certification to ensure the highest possible level of service and support for you, the customer.

Focused On Your Needs

Effective and safe delivery of cash into your customer’s hands is our only business. This singular focus is the cornerstone of our commitment to service and maintenance support. We are experts at transaction processing, ongoing sales, services, and support for all facets of the ATM and secure cash handling business.