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Monimax 8000

Cash recycling ATM with deposit automation capabilities
Recycling is here and now is the time. Take advantage of the cost savings features and achieve improved customer satisfaction.

 Maximum Reliability
Monimax 8000 is designed to provide 2nd to none reliability in the market with highest uptime and with minimum maintenance needs. You won't have to worry about replacing the parts or sudden breakdowns because the Monimax 8000 is designed to run for a very long tme, problem-free.  
Environment Stewardship
With quality comes also responsibility.
Monimax series are equipped with energy saving features like low energy LCD and long lasting ATM parts with minimum implications to the environment.
Other than apparent benefits such as more efficient cash handling and reduced replenishments.
Cash recycling feature also saves tons of service requirements and paper over time, giving you the power to build your image as an earth friendly company.
Monimax series are designed with open architecture platform allowing for easy future upgrades and module modifications.
Modular design is one of ways in which we are trying to save our customers' cost and provide maximum convenience.
Ultimate Functionality
Monimax 8000 offers ultimate functionality featuring bill payment, funds transfer, mobile top-up in a highly user friendly interface for maximum convenience and very easy transition.  
Maximum Protection

Complying to standards in various regions worldwide,Nautilus Hyosung offers advanced security measures while highly secured integrity of the Monimax 8000 prevents any attempted security breaches from occurring. Monimax 8000 is also easily integrated with any monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of the self-service channels.

System Control
Microsoft Window Processor
NDC+,DDC912, User application
TCP/ IP, Wireless, X.25, Dial-up
15” color TFT LCD
Privacy filter
Sunlight readable
Supervisor Operation (MX8000T)
15” Color TFT LCD, touch screen
Input Type
8 function keys
Touch screen
PCI compliant EPP
UL 291 Level 1 safe
Mechanical combination lock
Electronic lock
KABA Mas cencon lock
1st security camera
2nd security camera
Fingerprint reader
Card reader
Dip hybrid card reader
Motorized hybrid card reader
Contactless card reader
EMV level 1,2 compliant
Anti-skimming device
Graphical thermal Receipt printer
Journal printer (Thermal, Dot)
Statement printer
Cash Handling
Cash recycling
- 2,750 notes recycling cassette (4 cassettes)
- Additional 2,000 notes deposit only cassette
- 200 notes bundle deposit & dispense
Cash deposits /dispensing
- 3,000 notes cassette (4 cassettes)
- Additional 2,000 notes deposit only cassette
- 200 notes bundle deposit & dispense
Retraction & rejection function
Additional Features
2nd display for advertisement
Illuminated signage
Lead-through indicator
1D/ 2D Barcode reader
Audio jack
Power Supply
AC 110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Backup battery
(Reserving last transaction & safe shutdown)
Environmental Conditions
0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ? 104°F )
-31°C ~ 40°C ( -24°F ? 104°F ) with heater
Humidity 20% ~ 85%
Height : 1,632mm (64.2”)
Width : 550mm ( 21.6”)
Depth : 1,015mm ( 40.0”)
All dimensions are cabinet & safe size.
Weight : 620kg (1,366lbs)