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Who is CashCity ATM Services Inc.?

CashCity ATM Services Inc. is a North American company in business to supply, service and repair ATMs. The Directors have a combined 50 years of experience in financial planning, insurance services, business and marketing development, police and investigation services.

CashCity ATM has formed strategic alliances with some of the most noteworthy network processors, telecommunication providers and financial institutions. In choosing our partners, we have been resolute in only aligning ourselves with enterprises that share our belief in providing our clients with the best products and services in the industry. This is accomplished by continuing to strive to provide the most cost effective and technologically advanced solutions for your business.

History of CashCity ATM

CashCity ATM was among the first companies to bring affordable ATM's to Canada. ATM owners have seen the benefit and profit that offering instant cash access to their customers has provided. In conjunction with Tidel we have deployed over 650 ATM's in the Canadian market.

CashCity ATM is one of the largest ATM distributors in Canada and provides installation, processing, technical support and service for TIDEL ATMs.

Why Choose CashCity ATM?

No Setup Fees!

We have the lowest ATM setup charge in the industry, FREE.

24/7 Monitoring

Your ATM is monitored all day, everyday.
If your ATM is out of money, receipt paper, or just not working, we know it. We can then contact you to fix the problem or dispatch repair personnel.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to doing business.

Daily Settlements

Your account is settled daily. Every transaction that happens by 9:00pm EST, will be settled directly to your designated bank account by Electronic Funds Transfer, delivering the money into your account the next business day.

* Except weekends and holidays, where the funds are settled the next banking day.


We accept most bank cards, allowing you to provide better service to your customers.

Extended service contracts and warranties - You can rest assured that we will fix the problem if your ATM should ever stop working.

Technology - We stay at the leading edge of industry technological advances. Some of these advances currently in use are remote monitoring, daily on-line reporting, coupons, on screen advertising and monitored security systems.

Foresight and Experience - CashCity has used our better than twenty-five years of experience to think ahead. With every ATM CashCity provides as standard equipment, necessities that many of our competition considers options. These include:

  • Dedicated power and phone installation charges - The past has shown us that equipment with dedicated lines perform almost without fault and it can be troubleshot much faster and accurately if things do go wrong.
  • Signage - If no one knows you have an ATM no one will stop to use it.
  • UPS units - Lightning, power surges, brown outs and black outs can ruin your business and destroy your ATM.
    We want our customers to know that we value them and their investment enough to protect them.

Trust - At CashCity ATM, we believe this is the best reason to do business with us. We consult first. Then come up with the best solutions for your company. Finally we implement the chosen solution expediently. We pride ourselves in making promises we can keep and giving you what you need. CashCity does business the correct way, honestly and ethically.

Complete Services

We provide a complete ATM program, which includes hardware, software, transaction processing, ATM maintenance, customer service, balancing services, reporting, as well as training.

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Experienced Leaders

The principals of the company have a combined 50 years of experience of retail and business experience. Every key functional position is filled by a qualified individual who has completed rigorous training and certification to ensure the highest possible level of service and support for you, the customer.

Focused On Your Needs

Effective and safe delivery of cash into your customer’s hands is our only business. This singular focus is the cornerstone of our commitment to service and maintenance support. We are experts at transaction processing, ongoing sales, services, and support for all facets of the ATM and secure cash handling business.

It Pays To Go With The Leaders

We are confident in our ability to provide your company with the most competitive ATM cash processing program available in the industry. We have a proven record of delivering our commitments, with the references to prove it. We look forward to earning your business.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have, contact us at any time.